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We are proud to offer a new web platform that gives one of our fastest growing customer bases ‘real time’ access to all of the best vehicles and offers.

Snows Leasing is a fully integrated, dynamically driven site that allows both our business and personal leasing clients to access the latest vehicle and finance deals daily.

Created by leading motor industry software provider Calas, responsive technology allows the site’s users to search for vehicles by make, model, price and transmission. It also allows them to request quotes, arrange finance, and order vehicles from across Snows’ comprehensive marque portfolio.

The platform also incorporates commercial vehicles and a dedicated ‘green cars’ section for our extensive hybrid and alternative fuel range.

Alastair Rutt, Divisional Corporate Manager for Snows, said: “We’re committed to evolving our services to meet our customers’ needs, so the new site ensures seamless access to the very latest information, including the best daily offers across all of our marques and from the UK’s leading finance companies.”

The UK has seen a significant rise in vehicle ‘usership’ in recent years.

There are now an estimated five millions leased vehicles on British roads, according to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA). 1.9m of which are individual or personal contracts.

Leasing is believed to have grown by 14 percent in 2019.

Alastair added: “Our business customers appreciate the potential VAT benefits of leasing and the way it gives them assets that don’t sit on their balance sheet."

"Our personal leasing customers like the freedom that it gives them to drive a new car every few years at ultra-competitive prices and a hassle free process.”

“We want to ensure that all Snows customers receive a bespoke and tailored package which helps them to make the best leasing decisions for them. The new site will help us to do just that.”

Visit our new Snows Leasing website

Press release from Deep South Media

Posted on: 05/02/2020

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