GAP Insurance | Snows

Guaranteed Asset Protection in Southern England

Return to Invoice Advanced, more commonly known as GAP Insurance, is a product we offer at Snows dealerships for passenger and light commercial vehicles up to 3500 kg gross weight. In the unfortunate event your vehicle is declared a Total Loss by your insurer, a GAP Insurance policy would reimburse either, the difference between your comprehensive insurance settlement and outstanding finance, or return you back to your original purchase/invoice price, up to the value as stated in your policy document.

What are the benefits of GAP?

  • Protects you against the financial risk of the depreciating value of your motor vehicle
  • GAP is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • You can protect your vehicle for up to three years
  • GAP covers protects when your insurance company declares the vehicle a total loss eg. Theft
  • GAP contributes up to £250 towards your Comprehensive Insurance excess charge

For Example:

Your invoice was £30,000

Your insurer pays £16,000

GAP pays £14,000

The product is only available from Snows when you purchase a new or used vehicle from one of our regulated dealers. Terms and conditions apply which are available on request. The policy summary details eligibility, significant exclusions and the claims process. CLICK HERE to download a copy.