SMART Insurance

SMART Insurance provides cover for your vehicle when day to day motoring causes unforeseen minor damage; these include scratches, minor dents and stone chips. You have an unlimited number of claims over the plan period and an individual claims limit of £550, with £3000 aggregate claims limit. There is no need to accumulate damage, claims can be made upon discovery.

What are the benefits?

  • Protects against unforeseen minor damage that is covered within the policy summary; keeping your car looking its best and retaining it's value
  • There is no policy excess and no damage to your no claims
  • There is cover for damage across multiple panels for scratches and scuffs as long as it is within 30 cm and across no more than two adjacent panels.
  • All repairs are guaranteed until you sell, transfer or dispose of vehicle
  • There are no age or mileage restrictions
  • You do not have to wait before you can make a claim
  • National mobile approved repair network for added convenience

What is Covered?

Surface scratches up to 30cm in length within 2 adjacent body panels
Minor dents up to 30cm in diameter and where the panel is not ripped, torn or perforated
Bumper scuffs up to 30cm in diameter, 3mm in depth sitting on 1 body panel
Stone Chips up to 5mm in diameter and 1.5mm in dep

This product is only available from Snows when you purchase a new or used vehicle from one of our regulated dealers. Terms and conditions apply which are available on request.

The Insurance Product Information Document "IPID" provides a simple summary of the main features and benefits of this insurance. Download your copy below.

Download Here