Kia Picanto from Nil Advance Payment

at Snows Kia in Basingstoke, Guildford and Newbury

The latest Kia Picanto comprises of five stylish variants and is still an extremely practical 4 or 5 seat car with improved cabin space, better handling, more powerful and economical engines and a level of interior finesse that other city cars just don't have. It's also jam-packed full of handy tech and comfort features to help you stay connected and advanced technologies to keep you safe.

The package includes:
✓ Insurance
✓ Servicing and Maintenance
✓ Full RAC breakdown assistance
✓ Annual Car Tax
✓ Replacement tyres
✓ Windscreen replacement
✓ Many adaptations at no extra cost
✓ 60,000 mileage allowance over 3 year lease

As a Motability Premier Partner, Snows Kia are proud to provide a team of accredited Motability Sales Specialists, who can help you select the car that suits your needs, either at the dealership or in the comfort of your own home. Browse our latest rates below or keep scrolling to get in touch!

Model TypeCivilian Advance PaymentCivilian AllowanceWar Pensioner Advance PaymentWar Pensioner Allowance
Picanto '1' 1.0 66bhp 5-speed manual £0.00£49.25£0.00£49.25
Picanto '2' 1.0 66bhp 5-speed manual £0.00£52.25£0.00£52.25
Picanto '2' 1.2 83bhp 5-speed manual £0.00£53.25£0.00£53.25
Picanto '2' 1.2 83bhp 4-speed auto £0.00£55.25£0.00£55.25
Picanto '3' 1.2 83bhp 5-speed manual £0.00£57.25£0.00£57.25
Picanto '3' 1.2 83bhp 4-speed auto £0.00£58.75£0.00£58.75
Picanto 'GT-Line' 1.2 83bhp 5-speed manual £0.00£55.75£0.00£55.75
Picanto 'GT-Line' 1.0 99bhp 5-speed manual£0.00£58.00£0.00£58.00
Picanto 'GT-Line S' 1.2 83bhp 5-speed manual £0.00£61.20£0.00£61.20
Picanto 'GT-Line S' 1.0 99bhp 5-speed manual£0.00£0.00£0.00£63.10
Picanto 'X-Line' 1.2 83bhp 5-speed manual£0.00£56.00£0.00£56.00
Picanto 'X-Line' 1.2 83bhp 4-speed auto£0.00£57.50£0.00£57.50
Picanto X-Line' S 1.25 83 bhp 5-speed manual £0.00£60.00£0.00£60.00
Picanto X-Line' S 1.25 83 bhp 5-speed auto£0.00£61.20£0.00£61.20
Picanto 'Titanium Edition' 1.0 66bhp 5-speed manual£0.00£56.50£0.00£56.50
Picanto 'Titanium Edition' 1.25 83bhp 4-speed auto£0.00£59.00£0.00£59.00

Terms and Conditions

To qualify for this offer you must be in receipt of a Higher Motability Component of Disability Allowance or War Pensioners Mobility Supplement. Advance Payment (AP) valid for applications to Motability from 1st January - 31st March 2020. Images used for illustration purposes only.