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Technology Free of emissions, full of excitement While nothing sounds better than zero emissions, the e-Niro’s premium JBL® 8-speaker sound system comes pretty close. Enjoy clearer, crisper music that fills the interior of the Niro with a vivid, lifelike presence.

Using the touchscreen, you can customise your experience with four different driving modes: ‘Eco +’ to keep your energy consumption to a minimum, ‘Eco’ which prioritises autonomy over performance, ‘Comfort’ to facilitate daily driving and ‘Sport’ which prioritizes performance to enjoy a dynamic driving experience. ‘First Edition’ models also benefit from a Smart Key & Button Start, USB and AUX ports and an Electric Parking Brake, just to name a few.

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Safety Kia DRIVE WiSE technology specialises in autonomous driving and assistive technologies. With less stress and worries, you can fully enjoy driving in your Kia e-Niro.

With functions such as Lane Following Assist as standard, driving in traffic jams just got easier and safer. LFA is an autonomous driving system that adjusts acceleration, braking and also steering to the vehicle in front. Smart Cruise Control uses the car's radar to regulate both the speed and the distance to the car in front. If the vehicle ahead speeds up, your Kia e-Niro accelerates to the set speed. If it slows down, your car slows, maintaining the safety distance. In addition, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) with Pedestrian/Cyclist Protection gives you warning signals and automatically brakes when it detects any risk of collision and you don’t react.

A radar and a camera detect potential dangers in the car's path, including pedestrians, cyclists and cars. Smart Regenerative Braking helps to save energy, recharge the battery and lets you enjoy effortless one-pedal driving. You can set four levels of regenerative braking and use the kinetic energy to recharge your battery.

New Kia e-Niro safety features