Technology Of course, the Kia Niro wouldn’t be complete without the latest technologies. Its hybridity inspires a navigation system which informs the hybrid drivetrain of where the vehicle is headed, in order to maximise efficiency. Predictive Energy Control is also the first system in the industry to monitor and make amendments for both ascending and descending scenarios. For entertainment, use Android Auto to connect to your smartphone and access a range of features. There’s a crystal clear 7” touch screen display (8” in the “3” specification), making it easier than ever to stay connected. And with a DAB radio, USB and AUX ports, and a wireless phone charger in the higher spec models, you can’t go wrong. Your Kia Niro is designed using superior technology throughout, whether under the bonnet or at your fingertips.
Safety Innovative safety features such as Lane Departure Warning, Advanced Smart Cruise Control, and Autonomous Emergency Braking (all standard on the “First Edition” model) work to make your driving experience as protected as possible. Regenerative braking recovers energy to save you power, allowing you to travel even greater distances.