SMART Insurance

Keep your car in immaculate condition the SMART way

The mirror-smooth shine on your car is worth taking pride in.

Unfortunately, scuffs and chips are a part of everyday driving. Someone could carelessly open a door in a car park and dent your pristine bodywork, but is it worth losing your motor insurance policy no-claims bonus for a small repair? That’s where SMART Cover comes in. 

SMART stands for Small Motor Accident Repair Technology. Using exact paint matches and a sophisticated approved process, repair technician will restore your car to help keep it in immaculate condition. The technician will come to your home or place of work and expertly repair small dents, scuffs and scrapes in vulnerable body areas. It’s the intelligent way to help maintain the value of your car – and your pride in its pristine condition.

Professional repairs for minor stratches,
dents, chips and scuffs.​

Completed quickly and effectively at a
location of your choice.

Does not affect your motor insurance
no-claims bonus.​

Up to 30 days to register
your claim.​

Helps preserve the appearance
of your car.​

Can help maximise the resale value
of your car.

Contact your nearest Snows Lexus dealership for further information, including terms and conditions.