Free Visual Health Check

from Mercedes-Benz Van Centre in Exeter, Devon

We’re here to keep businesses moving with a free, no-obligation Mercedes-Benz Van Visual Health Check. It’s a 15-minute visual inspection of 28 critical maintenance points around your vehicle that covers:

Brakes: front/rear pad wear, front/rear disc condition
Under vehicle: steering condition, suspension condition, drive-train check
Under bonnet: brake fluid level, coolant level, V belt tension/condition, fluid leaks, battery security/condition
Wheel and tyres: tyre depth/condition
Exterior vehicle: windscreen condition, window condition, exterior mirror condition, wiper condition
Exterior lights: lights operation, lens condition
Interior vehicle: horn, washers, wiper operation, seat-belt operation/condition, parking brake operation

Safety Checks Infographic

There’s no obligation to book any repairs – at the end of the check, you’ll receive a 28-point report from our trained technicians, letting you know about any advisory or urgent actions required. It’s up to you what you do with this information – but we’d be happy to give you a competitive quote for any work necessary to keep your business moving safely and legally.