Terms and conditions

Dependent upon model, Mercedes-Benz vans are backed by a standard two year unlimited mileage warranty. Some models supplied through an Authorised UK Mercedes-Benz Dealer also benefit from a third year unlimited mileage local warranty. Dependent upon models replacement parts and major assemblies are backed by a standard two year unlimited mileage warranty. What does the warranty cover? We’ll cover you for any defects in material or workmanship that occur as a result of the vehicle manufacturing process. Whilst glass is not normally covered, warranty would apply in the case of a stress fracture. In this way, we accept responsibility for those items that are ours; but naturally we cannot cover any non-approved modifications, accessories or bodywork applied after the vehicle’s manufacture. What is not covered; remember that the purpose of any warranty is only to cover defects that may have arisen during the manufacturing process. Therefore, we can’t cover problems arising from: • A failure to follow instructions contained in the vehicle’s operating manual or maintenance booklets, or from your Authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer, Garage or Repairer • A failure to have the vehicle maintained and serviced correctly and at the required intervals as set out in the maintenance booklet • Incorrect repairs by an unauthorised garage • The fitting of non-approved parts, additional equipment and bodywork, or other unauthorised vehicle modifications • Using and driving the vehicle outside the instructions outlined in the driver’s handbook • Damage caused by excessive speed. Not following advice provided by the vehicle’s information system or dashboard warning lights • Exceeding gross vehicle weights, axle loads and payload capacity • Normal ‘wear and tear’ on parts, including friction and consumable items such as oil and lubricants, filters, brake pads, clutch materials, wiper blades, tyres, some exhaust components and shock absorbers. This list is not exhaustive • External events including environmental issues such as storms and floods, accident damage, salt corrosion, civil unrest or vandalism. What costs are covered? Provided the defect has occurred in the stated warranty period, Mercedes-Benz will pay for the cost of the repair, inclusive of parts and labour. What costs are not covered? We can’t cover you for any incidental costs arising from the defect; costs such as loss of use and rental charges, telephone calls, other travel or accommodation expenses, time or inconvenience or loss of business earnings. Additionally, costs relating to routine servicing and maintenance, accident damage and replacing normal wear and tear items are outside the warranty. • All warranty work must be carried out by a Mercedes-Benz Authorised Repairer, who in turn will use only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts. • The full service history of your vehicle must be made available to the Authorised Repairer and you must allow them to fully inspect your vehicle. • Defective parts from your vehicle become our property. Can my warranty be invalidated? Yes, it can. Beware of the following: • Major modifications affecting the basic integrity of the vehicle, especially to the chassis or electronic systems • Tampering with the odometer. The only people who can do this work are trained Mercedes-Benz Technicians, who have to follow precise legal guidelines • Write-offs. Any vehicle that’s been declared a write-off may not be eligible for warranty if the claim is attributed to the accident damage In general: • The terms of your Mercedes-Benz warranty are in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer under a contract of sale • Provided warranty conditions have been followed, any unexpired warranty may be transferred to new owners of your vehicle • Mercedes-Benz reserves the right to modify or amend these warranty terms without notice

• MobiloVan applies to vehicles purchased from an authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer, originally destined for and first registered in the UK on or after 01.10.2012. To extend your coverage beyond the initial three years of warranty cover and up to a maximum of thirty years, have your vehicle serviced at one of our approved workshops and it will automatically be renewed until the next service is due. Terms and conditions apply.