We know you’ll hardly ever want to get out of your new Suzuki. That’s why we’ve put together a list of helpful tips for safer year-round driving!

1. Check your tyres

Tyres are a key safety feature and are the only point of contact between you and the road. Making sure the tyre pressure is correct is also important since it can affect the performance of your car as well as increasing fuel consumption.

2. Check your lights

For legal as well as safety reasons, you should check all your vehicle lights regularly. A failed light bulb doesn’t cost a lot to replace, but it could result in an expensive fine! We will be able to replace your light bulb for you in no time.

3. Check your engine oil

To avoid any damage to your engine in between services, it’s important to maintain your engine oil at the correct level – not too much, not too little. Keeping yours topped up is easy!

4. Check your engine coolant

When winter approaches check your coolant between services, it’s important. Too low and you might have problems starting. Make sure you stay on top of top-ups.


5. Check your wipers and screenwash

Good visibility while driving is a must. Many factors cause the rubber to deteriorate. This results in wiper blade noise, and juddering. Keep your screenwash bottle topped up with good quality screenwash to get rid of bugs in the summer and prevent frozen washer jets in the winter.

6. Brake safety

Well-maintained cars have plenty of braking capability. By making the right choices and regularly changing your brake fluid, your brakes should perform flawlessly and go almost unnoticed.

7. Jump starts

Drained the battery by accident? Don't worry, it does happen sometimes! Learn how to get yourself started if you do not have Homestart from your roadside assistance company.

8. Body maintenance

Of course you know how to clean your Suzuki but in case you want some tips​ why not watch the video below!

Got a question? Our aftersales team will be more than happy to advise!