Snows Toyota Winter Health Check

Is your Toyota ready for the season ahead?

Our Snows Toyota Seasonal Check means you can rest assure that your car is at it's best condition. Whether you're preparing for a rise in temperature, or a flash of frost, it is always worth having that peace of mind that your vehicle has been fully inspected and cared for in order to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Book your vehicle in for a Winter Health Check, and you'll receive all of the following:

Fluid Check & Top-up

Our technicians will check all your fluid levels and top-up anything that they can see is running a bit low (which includes coffee for you!).

Tyre Check

Our experts will check for signs of damage, uneven wear and depth of tread on your tyres - as this is certainly an important thing to keep an eye out for.

Exterior Light Check

Nothing is left out. From your headlights, to the small lights on your registration plate, we will check every single bulb on your Toyota.

Battery Check

We will make sure that your battery is working perfectly, so that you can keep moving with peace of mind during the colder seasons.

Screen & Wipers Check

As you know, in the cold, a tiny chip can quickly turn into a large crack, so we'll make sure to check your windscreen for any damage.

To find out more or to register your vehicle in for its seasonal check, you can contact you nearest Snows Toyota dealership or make an enquiry today:

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