Toyota Water Pumps

Now available from just £50 at Snows!

ModelPart NumberTrade Price
Avensis Diesel 16100-09341 from £50.00
Auris/Avensis Petrol 16100-39466 from £50.00
AYGO 16100-09531 from £41.00
Yaris 16100-29125 from £32.00

At Snows, we know how important it is to make sure the key components to your vehicle are working efficiently and securely. One of those being the water pump. This essential part ensures that the coolant keeps moving through the engine block, hoses and radiator, and maintains an optimum operating temperature.

By making sure that this part is at its best possible condition and operational at all times, you are keeping your car, and your bank account, safe from any expected complications on the road. You can purchase this part at a great price for specific Toyota vehicles at your Snows dealership.

If you're wanting to find out further information or in need of a water pump, you can contact us directly or make an online enquiry:

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