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We have ex-demonstrator models at greatly reduced prices, so why not see how much you could save with our nearly new ex-demonstrator clearance? From the popular Volvo V60 estate to the award-winning Volvo XC90 7-seater, there are incredible savings to be had across the range, but only whilst stocks last.

These Volvos would have been used as display cars or as test drive vehicles which means they've only ever had one owner – us!

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a Volvo ex-demonstrator for your next car:

✓ Huge Savings
High Specifications
Low Mileage

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✓ One Year Roadside Assistance
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Volvo V60

ModelReg No.Retail PriceDemo PriceSavingLocation
Volvo V60 II B4 FWD (Diesel) Momentum AutomaticHK21NUF£43,660£34,900£8,760Southampton
Volvo V60CC B5 AWD (Petrol) Cross Country AutomaticHK21NUM£45,790£36,900£8,890Southampton
V60 2.0 B5P Cross Country 5dr AWD Auto EstateHX70NJJ£45,135£33,490£11,645Winchester
V60 EST 2.0 B4 197HP Inscription AU SSHT70LLJ£43,200£33,990£9,210Winchester

Volvo V90

ModelReg No.Retail PriceDemo PriceSavingLocation
V90 2.0 T4 R DESIGN Plus 5dr Geartronic EstateHN70TYG£46,975£27,990£18,985Winchester
V90 2.0 T6 AWD R-Design Plus Geartronic Estate HK70OKA£57,385£38,490£18,895Winchester
Volvo V90 B4 FWD (Petrol) Momentum AutomaticHK21NUO£41,845£34,900£6,945Southampton

Volvo S60

ModelReg No.Retail PriceDemo PriceSavingLocation
S60 2.0 T5 250hp Inscription Plus AU HK70PRX £43,645 £27,690 £15,955 Winchester

Volvo S90

ModelReg No.Retail PriceDemo PriceSavingLocation
​S90 2.0 T8 390HP Phev R-design AU AWDHX21ONL​£56,380£43,000​£13,380​Southampton​
S90 2.0 T8 Recharge PHEV R DESIGN 4dr AWD Auto SaloonHX70NHP£59,750£44,990£14,760Winchester

Volvo XC40

ModelReg No.Retail PriceDemo PriceSavingLocation
XC40 2.0 B4P R DESIGN 5dr Auto EstateHX70NKA£37,550£30,690£6,860Winchester
XC40 2.0 D3 Inscription Pro 5dr AWD Geartronic EstateHX70NHZ£40,600£33,990£6,610Winchester
XC40 1.5 T5 Recharge PHEV R DESIGN 5dr Auto EstateHK70FVR£39,525£33,500£6,025Southampton
XC40 1.5 T4 Recharge PHEV R DESIGN 5dr Auto EstateHX70NJZ£39,525£34,990£4,535Winchester
Volvo XC40 Recharge Plug-in hybrid T4 FWD R-Design AutomaticHV21XXB£40,020£36,900£3,120Southampton

Volvo XC60

ModelReg No.Retail PriceDemo PriceSavingLocation
XC60 B5P MOMENTUM AUTO AWDHX21ONG£43,014£34,000£9,014Southampton
XC60 2.0 T8 [390] Hybrid Inscription 5dr AWD Geartronic EstateHN70AUM£58,965£41,500£17,465Southampton
XC60 2.0 B5 P 250hp Momentum AU FWDHK70ROH£41,675£35,990£5,685Winchester
XC60 2.0 T6 Recharge PHEV Inscription 5dr AWD Auto EstateHK70FOF£55,900£44,990£10,910Winchester
XC60 2.0 T6 Recharge PHEV R DESIGN 5dr AWD Auto EstateHN21ZNZ£59,575£43,800£15,775Southampton
Volvo XC60 II Recharge T6 Plug-in hybrid AWD Inscription AutomaticHN21ZNX£57,725£43,500£14,225Southampton
Volvo XC60 II B4 FWD (Diesel) Inscription Pro AutomaticHK21NSN£54,425£40,900£13,525Southampton
Volvo XC60 II Plug-in hybrid T8 AWD Polestar Engineered AutomaticHK21NTA£68,190£53,900£14,290Southampton

Volvo XC90

ModelReg No.Retail PriceDemo PriceSavingLocation
XC90 2.0 T8 Rchg Plg-hy Rdsgn PRO AU AWDHX70NCY £76,425 £62,000 £14,425 Southampton
XC90 B5P R-DESIGN PROHX21OOB £68,060 £52,100 £15,960 Southampton
XC90 2.0 B5P [250] Momentum 5dr AWD Gtron Estate HX70NJY £53,625 £42,990 £10,635 Winchester
Volvo XC90 II Recharge T8 Plug-in hybrid AWD Inscription Pro AutoHX70MZO £79,155 £57,900 £21,255 Southampton
Volvo XC90 II Recharge T8 Plug-in hybrid AWD R-Design Pro AutoHX70NCY £78,455 £62,000 £16,455 Southampton
Volvo XC90 II B5 AWD (Diesel) R-Design Pro AutomaticHK21NUA £67,875 £54,900 £12,975 Southampton

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