Customise your van with Volkswagen approved accessories supplied, verified and fitted by the experts

With a whole host of accessories to choose from, you can design your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle to be just right for you or your business. 

Comfort, security and safety can all be enhanced for both you and your load, while our styling options will ensure you stand out wherever you go.

We created a range of Volkswagen approved accessories that can be fitted at your Snows Van Centre. This way, your vehicle can look the part, but still be 100% Volkswagen with quality assured accessories.

Below are just a few of the products we've selected to make your Volkswagen Commercial your own.

➡ Download the Caddy accessories brochure
➡ Download the Transporter accessories brochure
➡ Download the Crafter accessories brochure
➡ Download the Amarok accessories brochure

For more information, contact our Parts Department on 01752 426282.