Technology Everything else you could need to enjoy driving is found in the cabin or offered as an optional extra. Playback details from the DAB digital radio or a connected music player are displayed through the five-inch colour touchscreen. You can also link a compatible smartphone to the vehicle’s infotainment system via Bluetooth® and accept calls hands-free. Your phone and other important electrical devices can be charged on the move using one of the three 12-volt accessory sockets.
Safety Occupants are well looked after by both people carriers no matter what the road conditions. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) engages during situations where the MPV begins to lose traction, making adjustments to vehicle output to keep it sure-footed. When you need to brake heavily, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents the wheels from seizing up. The Automatic Post-Collision Braking System works in the moments immediately following an incident to automatically slow the vehicle, lessening the chance of a subsequent collision.