Style The Transporter panel van in its various guises is a popular addition to commercial vehicle fleets across the country – indeed, across the continent. As well as offering the wheelbase and roof height that best matches your needs, it is powered by capable engines that return impressive fuel economy. Furthermore, the van is rewarding to drive through the city or along busy motorways.There are five combinations in total, ranging from short wheelbase/low roof to long wheelbase/high roof. They all look the same from the front where an uncomplicated grille directs cold air into the engine. Efficient halogen headlights illuminate the path ahead without using much energy. Entry-level Startline models hold dark plastic bumpers which withstand minor collisions well. On the higher Trendline version they are replaced by body-coloured bumpers which match the door mirrors and handles. Daytime running lights and front fog lights are standard-fit on the Transporter Highline. As you would expect, the largest load area is found in the long wheelbase/high roof model. As much as 9,300 litres of cargo can be shifted, and even the short wheelbase/low roof iteration will carry 5,800 litres of goods and equipment. Loading and accessing these items is made easy by the sliding side doors and a tailgate that either opens vertically or features two ‘wing’ doors. In the cabin there is space for up to three plus various essential items. Upper and lower storage compartments within the dash separate documents or devices so you can grab them quickly. Enquire Now
Technology Sub Title You will have every device you need and right at your finger tips when going out in your New Ibiza. With modern, up to date features as well as latest SEAT technology so you really will have it all. The large infotainment 8” touchscreen provides crystal clear graphics, Apple Car Play TM, Navi System and Full Link Technology so you can keep interactive as you drive. Enjoy every journey you take and get lost in the music with quality Beats Audio TM sounds. Never have to worry about a low battery ever again with the Connectivity Box and wireless smartphone charger to keep you powered at all times.
Technology The latest-generation devices are available, including the standard Composition Colour touch-screen DAB+ radio system, optional Composition Media DAB+ radio system, as well as the optional Discover Media navigation system.
Safety The Transporter panel van is ready for anything, including the challenges the road occasionally throws at you. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) has been developed to restore traction should the model experience a loss of grip. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents the wheels from locking up and therefore enables you to stay in control during heavy braking. Tried and tested passive features deliver protection in the event of an impact. The van’s body acts as a rigid safety cell which uses crumple zones to absorb collision forces. Driver and passenger airbags then inflate to shield occupants from the front and side.