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As a reputableDacia dealership across Southampton it’s our duty to provide the very best customer care. That’s why we provide expert aftersales services including quality servicing for all Dacia models, from compact family-friendly 5. Book today and keep your Dacia in the best possible condition.

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Keep your car in great shape with our competitive fixed price service plans that allow you to budget effectively without compromising on service quality. Know exactly where you stand with transparent costing and schedule your services accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a service?


A service is a thorough health check for your vehicle. Highly trained mechanics will look closely at multiple vehicle components and systems to ensure everything is working as it should. Genuine replacement parts are used when necessary.

What is covered in a service?


A full service can include everything from brake and tyre checks to ensuring the engine is finely tuned and there’s enough oil and fluids such as coolant. Mechanics will also look at steering, suspension, lighting and all safety systems.

Can my car fail a service?


No. But a car that’s not properly serviced might have a hard time passing its MOT.

What is an MOT?


An MOT is required by law. If your car is over three years old, it needs to be put through a series of checks to ensure it meets specific safety and environmental standards.