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Snows Gender Pay Report

With effect from April 2017 any business with in excess of 250 employees is required to report both on its website and via the Government portal the findings of its Gender Pay Gap analysis.

Snows took the decision to use an independent third party to ensure transparency and accuracy in the calculation and assessment of its pay arrangements. We have complied with our obligations to report via the Government portal in this matter and have replicated the results of the assessment carried out below.

The reporting requirements stipulate that we must report on both the mean and median pay gap in terms of hourly rate and bonus pay. It is also a requirement to report what percentage of men and women are represented within earnings quartiles.

The mean pay gap is the difference between average hourly earnings of men and women.

The median pay gap is the difference between midpoints in the ranges of hourly earnings of men and women.

Women’s Hourly Rate





In simple terms women receive a slightly higher hourly rate than men.

Women’s Bonus Pay





A gender pay gap was anticipated in the analysis of pay that includes bonus, commission etc. As a historically male dominated industry our gender split is 75% male to 25% female and those roles which attract bonus and commission have been predominantly occupied by men and this is reflected in our gender pay gap results.

Percentage Gender Distribution



Upper Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile



The above information shows Snows overall mean and median gender pay gap based on the hourly rates of pay at the snapshot date of 30th April 2017. It also captures the mean and median difference between the bonuses paid to men and women at Snows as of the same date.

I confirm that the data reported is accurate

Shawn Gates

Group Financial Director