The Benefits of Electric Driving Making the change to all-electric motoring enables you to take advantage of a number of benefits. Not only will you be able to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, but you can also enjoy more affordable running costs and lower tax obligations. For instance, you will be exempt from vehicle road tax and congestion charges, while there are opportunities to benefit from free parking in selected areas and charge at public stations for less than you might expect. What’s more, electric models tend to experience fewer mechanical issues, with the absence of the moving components found in a combustion engine meaning fewer issues that can arise.
Economy, Charging and Batteries One of the major concerns of those seeking to switch to electric or hybrid power relates to the range and charging capabilities of a vehicle’s battery. And, while performance will vary from vehicle to vehicle, and depends on both the conditions and your style of driving, you can achieve a pretty impressive level of performance. The Fiat 500 electric, for example, has the ability to travel up to 199 miles on a full charge, while a fast charge capability will provide up to 30 miles in just five minutes. To learn more about the specific range of each model and the associated charging times, visit the relevant vehicle page today.

Why choose Fiat electric?

Fiat vehicles are some of the most iconic and stylish around, with the Italian carmaker responsible for a selection of best-selling and head-turning models. As such, choosing one of these cars ensures you will be able to take to the road in style, with all the latest comfort measures and technology available. There’s also now the added benefit of electric and hybrid engines to choose from, each offering exceptional fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. Click through the latest models below to learn more and to find the ideal electric or hybrid Fiat for you.