Mazda - history and heritage

"Together, we are stronger. We have a bond that words alone cannot describe. We never drive alone. We drive together."

Mazda began is 1920, trading as the ‘Toyo Kogyo Co’ founded by Jujiro Matsuda in Hiroshima, Japan. The name Mazda comes from Ahura Mazda, the god of harmony, intelligence and wisdom from the earliest civilisation in West Asia. Mazda began their journey as a cork manufacturer back in 1920 producing cork for gaskets, insulation, and cushioning material. Once the demand for cork reduced, they started to manufacture machine tools. It wasn’t until 1931 that the first Mazda vehicle rolled off the production line – the Mazda-Go, a three-wheel truck! Over 100 years on, Mazda is now a global independent automotive manufacturer with huge ambitions!

In 1984, Toyo Kogyo Co Ltd officially became the Mazda Motor Corporation. The Mazda ‘M’ is inspired by wings that stretch out for an agile flight into the future.

For Mazda, a car is not simply a mass of metal. Every car created has a life of its own. Creating an emotional connection between the car and driver which feels like a deep bond between horse and rider. Mazda’s own ‘Kodo Design’ is an expression that makes an ongoing pursuit of the form that reflects such connection. This expression is continually developing and rooted in Japanese aesthetics. The beauty of Kodo Design is expressed in Mazda’s stunning Sour Red Crystal Metallic paint.

Mazda believe safe vehicles are about more than protecting the people riding inside. Our vision is for a world where all road users are safe and drivers’ lives are enriched by the freedom and joy that driving provides. With advanced safety features, you can maximise your potential by enjoying a focus on driving and providing a sublime ride for your passengers. Mazda studied the human body to provide the perfect driving position. With new innovative designs and technology, other manufacturers are finding it hard to compete.

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