Interior STEP INSIDE From the fine craftsmanship to the many connected services, the interior of the Mazda MX-30 was designed for people with an active lifestyle that need room to express themselves. In addition to the existing options, the new natural black interior trim delivers a clean and stylish look. Whichever options you choose, you'll always have plenty of space for activities with friends and family.

The floating console offers many convenient functions. Not only is it beautiful, but the console also offers extra storage space below, along with an integrated power socket. Thanks to our human-centric approach, the console supports the driver's focus on the road, delivering comfort through its open, airy, and user-friendly design.
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Say hello to Edition R ‘Edition R’ commemorates the return of the Rotary engine. Mazda was the first automotive group in the world to successfully commercialise the two-rotor rotary engine. It represents Mazda’s ‘never stop challenging spirit’ and holds a huge place in their history.

This special edition pays homage to a legendary Mazda engine that won the 23 Hours of Le Mans in 1991.

The Edition R Mazda MX-30 R-EV holds some special features exclusive to the model. There are embossed seat headrests made of the best vegan leather, orange interior elements that represent the energy produced by the rotary engine, and unique fey fobs making your MX-30 R-EV extra special. Find out more by contacting the team today!