MobiloVan Roadside Assistance

Free 24/7 roadside assistance for Mercedes-Benz Vans

All Mercedes-Benz vans come with MobiloVan, our free break down & roadside assistance package. You’ll get free 24/7 breakdown cover & roadside assistance* for 3 years on all new vans and then the automatic renewal for 12 more months once it’s outside its 3-year manufacturer warranty – up to 30 years.

This means complete peace of mind when your van is out on the road, and it saves you on the time and cost of sourcing breakdown cover.

Wherever you are, you're covered

Diesel and electric vans are covered by MobiloVan for breakdowns or assistance anywhere in the UK and throughout Europe.

A fully qualified technician will respond at any time, day or night, and if possible, resolve the problem at the roadside. If they are unable to fix it immediately, they will tow your car to the closest Mercedes-Benz approved workshop for repairs. You will be given a number of options to keep you driving.

Renew for a year when your vans are serviced with our Dealer Network

You are covered by MobiloVan as long as you service your van with an authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer, and you may contact us whenever you need to. You don’t need to have a full Dealer history – if your van is used, or you’ve missed a service, you can re-qualify for MobiloVan cover for one year at any time simply by using an authorised Dealer for your next service.

Minor mishaps and driver error are also covered for the first three years*

For three years after your vehicle is first registered, MobiloVan will cover you for:

- Using the wrong fuel
- Running out of fuel completely
- Losing all your electric charge.

It also includes:

- Losing your keys or locking them in the van
- Two or more flat tyres
- Being involved in a road traffic accident
- Vandalism and attempted theft

Have you broken down or need assistance?

To request roadside assistance from the UK
Call 00800 3777 7777 or +44(0) 207 660 9991

From mainland Europe
Call +44(0) 207 660 9991

Breakdown support for customers with hearing impairments is provided via the following email address:

Please include the following data so that we can provide support as quickly as possible:

Vehicle details (VIN and License Plate), Owner/company details, symptom description and location of the breakdown.

The Service 24 Hour colleagues will contact you if further details are required.

Get in touch or download your free MobiloVan ebrochure for more information:

Contact usDownload MobiloVan ebrochure

*MobiloVan applies to vehicles purchased from an authorised Mercedes-Benz Dealer, originally destined for and first registered in the UK on or after 01.10.2012. To extend your coverage beyond the initial three years of warranty cover and up to a maximum of thirty years, have your vehicle serviced at one of our approved workshops and it will automatically be renewed until the next service is due. Terms and conditions apply.