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Technology The new MINI Convertible first burst on to the scene in 2016, wowing customers and critics alike, and now we’ve witnessed this stunning model being named Convertible of the Year by Auto Express in its 2018 New Car Awards. Cutting a contemporary shape on the roads without sacrificing an inch of its classic MINI style, this model speaks of an executive refinement and is the perfect partner for drivers navigating the inner city. With its contemporary back lighting, the MINI Convertible’s infotainment system carves a dynamic shape in the vehicle’s central instrument cluster. The sat-nav system features MINI’s forward thinking iDrive technology, to keep your ride smooth and stress-free, while muscular suspension and two ISOFIX points help keep things feeling robust and adventure ready.
Safety MINI is known for its keen eye on safety, and this model is no exception. Torsional rigidity ensures that the new MINI Convertible is structurally sound, without streamlined shape or agility being compromised. The latest generation MINI Convertible model comes with an Invisible Rollover System at the rear seatbelt outlets, which opens within a fraction of a second in an emergency to aid the protection of passengers. In addition, optional Driving Assistant includes a Forward Collision Warning System. This intelligent feature will warn you if the speed difference between your new MINI Convertible and the vehicle in front is too high, or if the car in front is getting too close, in order to help reduce the likelihood of collisions. It also pre-conditions the brakes for faster response and shorter stopping distances if the need should arise. This range of safety features works towards creating accident-free roads for all.
MINI Convertible Blue