The SEAT Arona FR Limited Edition

SEAT Arona FR Limited Edition
Technology You’re in charge. The new SEAT Arona FR Limited Edition is equipped with modern technology for your modern life.

For greater visibility, safer driving and easier access to your online media, the new Arona features a floating A floating 9.2″ touchscreen with Navi System and a clear 10.25” Digital Cockpit. Customers can easily access their digital lives via Apple CarPlay or (wired) Android Auto thanks to the integration of the wireless Full Link system, which complements the Arona's intuitive and secure infotainment system and integrated steering wheel controls that don't distract drivers from the road.

SEAT CONNECT, which allows users access to a variety of remote services that help them get the most out of their driving and ownership experiences, is also included in the new Arona.

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Safety Safety you can count on. The new SEAT Arona puts the safety of the driver and their passengers first. With a range of new driver assistance systems, the new Arona is safer than ever before:

• High Beam Assist – Detects oncoming traffic and will automatically change the lights between high and low-beam as necessary.

• Tiredness Recognition System – Detects driver fatigue and will provide visual and audible cues until you pull over.

• Adaptive Cruise Control – A feature of Travel Assist, which automatically keeps you at a safe distance from the car up ahead, as well as within the speed limit.

• Lane Assist – Ensures the vehicle is always centred in the lane.

The new SEAT Arona also features Side Assist, Park Assist and Travel Assist.

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New SEAT Arona - High Beam Assist