Alfa Romeo Tonale
TECHNOLOGY NFT and Amazon Exclusive

Tonale debuts non-fungible token (NFT) technology, a true innovation in the automotive sector. Alfa Romeo is the first automaker to link a car with a NFT digital certificate. Based on a Blockchain technology, the NFT can register vehicle data to generate a confidential and non-corruptible record of the vehicle's life. On the pre-owned car market, the NFT certification will represent an additional source of credibility for owners or dealers to count on.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale is equipped with built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant features. You can use it directly from the cockpit without losing focus on the road. Add items to your shopping list, ask for suggestions about nearby points of interest, control your domotics systems, manage lights and heating at home and all other connected appliances. You can also manage and monitor your vehicle from your home Amazon Alexa voice Service. Just ask to receive real-time updates on your vehicle's status, charge and fuel level, latest car location and much more.

*Amazon Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Alexa Voice Service is available only on Radio with Nav. system.

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Alfa Romeo Tonale is the only model in its segment to be equipped with the cutting-edge "brake by wire" system, known as IBS. Innovation and performance, mechanics and electronics, all come together to provide increased brake responsiveness on the road and the best brake pedal feeling. This system allows you to maximise energy regeneration with zero vibrations and shortened stopping distances.


The 160 hp hybrid VGT is equipped with a variable-geometry turbocharger, the 7-speed Alfa Romeo CT dual-clutch transmission, and a 48-volt 15 kW, 55 Nm P2 electric motor. This makes it possible for the 1.5L petrol engine to propel the wheels even when the internal combustion engine is turned off to give drivers an authentic electrified experience.

The most powerful version in the line-up in terms of performance and level of electrification will be the exclusive 275-hp Plug-in Hybrid Q4. The advanced hybrid system combines the 1.3-litre MultiAir turbo petrol to provide traction to the front wheels - with the electric motor, to which the rear wheels are connected. The system has a 15.5-kWh battery and delivers a total output of 275 hp. This makes it the sportiest offering in its class, with O- 100 km/h acceleration in just 6.2 seconds.

Alfa Romeo Tonale