Six of the best! Talented Snows Group managers promoted to new roles for the new year.

A number of changes to the senior management team have been announced at Snows Motor Group.

Promotions have been awarded to six high-achieving individuals as the South of England-based car dealership group looks to build on the successes and expansion it enjoyed in 2022.

Dale Vaughan is promoted from his role as General Manager of Snows’ Toyota dealerships in Southampton, Waterlooville and Chichester to Franchise Manager for company-wide Toyota sales.

Dale has been with Snows for more than 20 years, working with the Japanese manufacturer for the whole of that time, and covering virtually every dealership role from service advisor to general manager!

Under Dale’s leadership, Snows Toyota Southampton won the prestigious Toyota Presidents’ Club Award in 2020. He was also a member of the team that saw Snows named Toyota Group of the Year in 2019.

Jon Oakley is promoted to Franchise Manager for Lexus Sales after being General Manager of Snows’ Toyota and Lexus dealerships in Hedge End and its Toyota showroom in Sarisbury Green.

Jon had 18 years of automotive experience in the USA prior to joining Snows. After joining as Lexus Used Car Manager 15 years ago, he was soon promoted to centre manager and general manager roles. He led the turnaround of Snows’ Lexus business in Hedge End, positioning it as one of the top Lexus operations in Britain, and the first in the UK to win the Lexus Kiwami Award for recording superb levels of customer satisfaction.

Mike Maidment is promoted from Franchise Operations Manager to Franchise Manager for Toyota and Lexus aftersales. Mike has been with Snows for more than 15 years, working with both Toyota and Lexus and covering a wide range of roles.

Mike’s leadership was also instrumental in the turnaround at Snows’ Hedge End Lexus dealership. His more recent experience as General Manager of Snows’ Toyota dealerships in Waterlooville and Chichester, and latterly as Group Franchise Operations Manager, will undoubtedly prove invaluable in his new role.

Elsewhere in the company, Mark Toms becomes General Manager of Snows’ Peugeot dealerships in Romsey and Southampton after three years as General Manager at Volvo Southampton.

Nick Humphries becomes General Manager of Snows Volvo Southampton, after being Sales Manager at the company’s Volvo dealership in Winchester. And finally, Andrew Elliott moves from his role as Sales Manager at Snows Mazda Portsmouth to Sales Manager at Snows Volvo Southampton.

Alex Domone, Snows Motor Group Chief Operating Officer, said: ‘‘I’d like to congratulate all six of these talented and hard-working managers on their promotions.

‘‘They all have fantastic track records of delivering great results for our business, and ensuring total satisfaction for our customers.

‘‘Snows are proud to provide active pathways for managers looking to grow within the business and this is supported through our Talent Management programme. I wish them every success in their new roles.’’

Snows Group has undergone considerable expansion in recent years but remains a family-run business operating at the heart of the communities it serves in southern and south-west England.

The company operates five approved service centres and 12 used car centres, as well as around 50 franchised dealerships representing brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Peugeot and Vauxhall.

From left to right in our picture are five of the six who have won recent promotions at Snows Motor Group: Mike Maidment, Jon Oakley, Nick Humphries, Andrew Elliott and Dale Vaughan.


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