New Vehicles across Southern England

Buying a brand-new car presents the opportunity to tailor the model of your choice to exactly how you want it. By being able to add little flourishes that are unique to your own style ensures complete satisfaction. At Snows, we will assist in helping create the perfect new car for you, no matter which make and model you select.

Across our 47 dealerships in the South and South West of England, we have a variety of new car and vans available from a host of internationally-renowned marques and brands: Abarth, Alfa Romeo, BMW, BYD, CUPRA, Fiat, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, MINI, Peugeot, Polestar, SEAT, Toyota and Volvo. Featuring all the latest innovations and driver technology you would expect from a 21st-century vehicle, our selection of vehicles is as comprehensive and desirable as you could hope for.

Sleek, stylish coupes and elegant saloons, practical people carriers and urban super-minis are all available, meaning any budget and any demand can be catered for at one of our dealerships. In addition, buying a new car offers a host of additional benefits. Competitive finance deals, special offers, manufacturer warranties and more can all be taken advantage of, meaning that the high-quality of your new vehicle is complemented by exceptional value.

For more details on the full range of new cars available from Abarth, Alfa Romeo, BMW, BYD, CUPRA, Fiat, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, MINI, Peugeot, Polestar, SEAT, Toyota and Volvo, click through to your choice of franchise in the links below:

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What new car should I buy?


The vehicle you purchase depends largely on your needs. If you need a city car, a small hatchback such as a Fiat 500 or New Peugeot 208 may be suitable. Family vehicles include saloons, estates and SUVs such as those in the Jeep range, and typically provide more space for passengers and luggage, while sports cars, like the Mazda MX-5 and BMW Z4 are for those looking for two-seater fun. Contact your local Snows dealership for help with finding the perfect new car.

Where can I buy from?


Snows has a range of dealerships across the South and South West of England, which represent a wide variety of marques including Abarth, Alfa Romeo, BMW, BYD, CUPRA, Fiat, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, MINI, Peugeot, Polestar, SEAT, Toyota and Volvo.

As a reputable retailer, we provide vehicles you can rely on and a service you can trust – visit our Contact Us page to find your nearest showroom.

Which car brand is the best?


The best car brand for you depends on your needs and preferences. Look out for award-winning models, such as the SEAT Tarraco, which won the Auto Express 'Best Large SUV of 2019' award or the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, which scooped WhatCar?’s 'Best Performance Car for 2019'. Reliability is another important factor to consider – Lexus, for example, has an excellent reliability record and consistently perform well in surveys.

What new car has the best warranty?


Kia is renowned for its seven-year/100,000-mile warranty, which is one of the best on the market.

Can a new car battery improve performance?


A new battery is sure to make your car’s electronic systems behave better and improve ignition times, but it is unlikely to directly affect the mechanical performance of the car. If you think you need a new battery or some checks on your vehicle, contact our aftersales department today to make an appointment.

What new car can I afford?


You might be surprised to learn that you can afford a bigger or higher spec new car than you anticipated. With the tailored finance packages available at Snows, which incorporate affordable monthly payments, you’ll find your budget can stretch further. Talk to our sales advisors today for details on our current plans.

What are the best new car deals?


At Snows, our new car deals change on a regular basis, with something to suit everyone. Check out our offers pages to find the best available deals, and check back regularly to ensure you don’t miss out.

What is the best time to buy a new car?


The best time to buy depends on a range of factors. February and August – before the plate change – are typically good months in which to buy new cars, and seasonal promotions can help you save money too. Check our offers pages to see what deals we’re currently running.

When does a new car need an MOT?


Vehicles of three years or more require an MOT test every year, to ensure they comply with safety and roadworthiness regulations. To book yours online, click here.

Are new cars taxed?


The system for taxing cars was changed in 2017, with further modifications coming into effect in 2018. As of March 2019, the tax you pay in the first year of ownership depends on the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. This rate is higher for diesels than petrol models. Thereafter, you pay a flat rate of £140 a year, regardless of the fuel type.

Are new cars cheaper to insure?


The value of a vehicle affects the insurance premium you’ll have to pay, but other factors apply too, such as the security devices and safety mechanisms installed on the car. Newer models often have technology that makes them harder to steal and safer to drive, which can bring the cost down compared to older vehicles.