Lexus Ex-Demonstrators

Available at your Lexus Centre in Exeter or Hedge End

The latest ex-demonstrator models available from our dealerships are listed on this page and range from such models as the Lexus CT right the way through to the extremely stylish and modern Lexus UX Self-Charging Hybrid. As you will be able to see from the prices listed, you have the opportunity to make significant savings when compared to purchasing from new, so keeping an eye out for the ideal model could save you thousands.

Search our list of Lexus demonstrators below, and click your chosen model to find out full vehicle details:

Lexus ES

ModelRegColourMileageSpecificationSale PriceLocation
ESWJ71BZUGraphite Black8022Takumi with Digital Mirrors£44,000Exeter

Lexus RX

ModelRegColourMileageSpecificationSale PriceLocation
RXL WJ71CBOSonic Grey 3832 Premium Tech and Safety Pack £52,990 Exeter
RX WG71UMZSonic White 2 Premium Pack £51,990 Exeter
RX WD71HZUSonic Titanium 6 Premium Pack £51,990 Exeter
RX WD71KAOSonic White 4 Premium Pack £51,990 Exeter
RX WD71GNVIce Ecru 4 Premium Pack £51,990 Exeter
RX WD71JPOGraphit e Black 6 F Sport £53,990 Exeter
RX HK21FFUSonic White 8939 Premium Pack PanRoof £49,990 Hedge End

Lexus UX

ModelRegColourMileageSpecificationSale PriceLocation
UXE WG71KFA Mercury Grey 173 Takumi Pack £45,127 Exeter
UX HV71KKG Graphite Black 3374 F Sport Premium Plus and Drive Assist £35,990 Hedge End
UX HV71NNB Sonic White 579 Premium Pack with 17" Alloys and Nav £31,990 Hedge End
UX HV71WLL Graphite Black 2752 Premium Sport Edition £32,990 Hedge End
UX HN71EKC Mercury Grey 2033 Premium Pack with 17" Alloys and Nav £32,124 Hedge End
UX HN71BSZ Terrane Khaki 3075 Premium Pack with 17" Alloys and Nav £32,124 Hedge End
UX HV71ZXD Graphite Black 5134 Premium Sport Edition £32,214 Hedge End
UX HN71BSU Sonic White 2572 Premium Pack with 17" Alloys and Nav £32,374 Hedge End

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Private number plates aren't included in the purchase of an Ex-Demonstrator car.

Ex-demonstrator models

Ex-demonstrator models are those vehicles that have previously been on display throughout the showroom of a car dealership and which may have been used for test drives. As such, they often have very few miles on the clock and are in a condition that is as good as new but are available for discounted prices when compared to brand new editions. We’re delighted to be able to supply motorists in the south west with a number of ex-demonstrator vehicles for prices that are more than affordable.

For more details on those ex-demonstrator vehicles we have available, get in touch with our dealerships today. Our sales advisors will be delighted to answer any questions you may have and accompany you on a test drive at a time that is convenient.