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The timing belt keeps the moving parts of your engine perfectly aligned. If it fails, it can cause an accident and result in expensive repairs, including replacing your engine.

Timing Belt Kit Service

This service will protect your engine and guarantee that your timing belt system is operating properly (including the belt and tensioners):

• Fitting a new timing belt kit including the belt and tensioners
• Labour for installation
• Specific checks of the timing belt system
• Changing the oil in the compressor
• Visual inspections by PEUGEOT experts
• Report of work carried out

If your timing belt is due for a replacement, book an appointment at your nearest Snows PEUGEOT dealership.

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Why do you need to change the timing belt?

• They are in constant use whilst the engine is running, which means that timing system parts wear naturally as you increase your vehicles mileage.
• The climate can lead to premature wear.
• A leak in the water pump and the draining of coolant can considerably shorten the life span of the timing belt.

When should you replace the timing belt?

To protect your engine, the timing kit must be replaced in accordance with the recommendations in your maintenance handbook. Please refer to the Service Schedule for our recommended replacement intervals. 

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