BYD Car Finance

from Snows BYD in Southampton

Financing your next car through BYD makes your next car purchase that little bit easier. It also allows you to take advantage of BYD's competitive finance incentives such as deposit contributions and discounts for scrapping or part-exchanging your old car.

Please do not agree your funding arrangements until you speak to us - we offer tailored finance packages that banks cannot offer and will give you flexibility and potentially save you money.

In 2019, 80% of our new car customers funded a portion of their vehicle purchase using finance and with time now proving such a precious commodity, coupled with some truly fantastic offers exclusive to Snows BYD, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of customers taking advantage of the funding options we are able to offer them.

All we ask is that before agreeing funding with another provider; you give us the opportunity to demonstrate the personal packages and savings that are available to you.

Should you have any questions through the buying process, we will be the best people to assist you, saving you time and money, whether that is through one of our funding options or your bank.

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BYD Insurance Products

from Snows BYD in Southampton

Discover the best options for you and your car with Snows BYD. Our insurance products are designed to provide you with flexible and affordable options to choose from, so that you can ensure that your vehicle is being protected to the best possible standard.

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