​Citroën introduces C5 Aircross Hybrid 136: A new and accessible electrified offering with no re-charging required!

• New Hybrid 136 powertrain adds 48V hybrid technology to C5 Aircross line-up.
• C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 features a specially designed PureTech petrol engine, a new electrified dual-clutch ë-DCS6 gearbox, and a 21kW electric motor.
• Powertrain offers electric-only driving for use in urban areas, helping to reduce local emissions. 
• Addition of 48V hybrid technology improves fuel economy by up to 30% in urban use.
• UK order books for C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 open in June, with first deliveries expected in July.

Citroën has revealed a new electrified powertrain option for C5 Aircross – the efficient Hybrid 136. Based on the latest compact and lightweight hybrid technology, this new powertrain features a 48V battery pack that re-charges in use, a 136hp PureTech petrol engine that has been specially designed to accommodate the new hybrid system, coupled to a new electrified dual-clutch ë-DCS6 gearbox and a 21kW electric motor.

Emitting only 129g of CO2/km according to the combined WLTP cycle, C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 emits 15% less CO2 than the equivalent non-electrified petrol C5 Aircross derivative.

Priced similarly to an equivalent C5 Aircross diesel model, C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 emits almost 12% less CO2 than the diesel-powered version.

C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 enhances the C5 Aircross electrified range, which also includes the Plug-in Hybrid 225.

Most importantly, the introduction of C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 accelerates Citroën's electrification strategy. The Citroën electrified range is now made up of 10 models: from Hybrid 136 to 100% electric, alongside Plug-in Hybrid, from Ami to New C5 X, and from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, each new introduction with the aim of offering a powertrain that meets customer needs.


The new 48V hybrid technology allows for either mixed or 100% electric driving. The lightweight and compact hybrid technology is based upon:

  • A new-generation 1.2 PureTech petrol engine, specially developed for hybridisation (40% of the parts are new), with three cylinders and 1199cc, delivering 136hp (100kW) at 5500 rpm and torque of 230Nm at 1750 rpm.
  • The choice of a variable geometry turbocharger and timing chain contributes to the new powertrain’s performance and robustness. Complying with the Euro 6.4 standard, and operating in accordance with the Miller cycle, the engine also features improved thermal efficiency.

  • The permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor can develop peak power of 21kW (28hp), and torque of 55Nm. It allows C5 Aircross to be driven on 100% electric power for low torque requirements, at low speeds, when manoeuvring or slowing down, and assists the petrol engine when starting. During deceleration, it acts as a generator to charge the battery, which reduces wear and tear of the brakes at the same time.
  • A belt starter, powered by the 48V on-board system, allows the petrol engine to start quickly and responsively.
  • A new electrified dual-clutch gearbox – ë-DCS6 – comes with a six-speed dual-clutch system with no torque break and is also specifically designed for hybrid systems. The gear changes are noticeably smoother, and the drive is more comfortable. The electric motor, the inverter and the ECU are all integrated, optimising space under the bonnet.
  • A 48V Lithium-Ion battery pack, with an available capacity of 432Wh, is installed under the left front seat, so there is no impact on boot size or interior space.
  • In addition, thanks to a voltage converter, part of the electricity produced by the 48V electric system is transformed into 12V power to supply the car's on-board equipment. This way, two separate electrical networks can exist side-by-side.


With this new hybrid powertrain, Citroën is offering a new electrified alternative that provides the comfort of purely electric driving, saves fuel, and reduces CO2 emissions.

C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 can be driven in electric mode for a limited distance in the city, or on short drives, or when manoeuvring. The 48V hybrid technology optimises the performance and fuel consumption of C5 Aircross, with average fuel savings of 15% compared with the PureTech 130 EAT8 automatic petrol versions. Efficiency is even greater when in urban areas, with average fuel savings of almost 30%.

The 48V hybrid powertrain also has a positive impact on CO2 emissions, with a reduction of up to 15% (20g) compared with the PureTech 130 S&S EAT8 petrol version. C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 achieves 129g of CO2/km according to the combined WLTP cycle.

The electric motor also delivers an additional 9kW (approximately 12hp), helping acceleration. As the battery re-charges automatically when the car decelerates, the new powertrain makes daily use more comfortable and will appeal to customers who want to experience driving in electric mode without the need to re-charge.


C5 Aircross Hybrid 136 ë-DCS6 keeps all the on-board comfort and features of C5 Aircross (Citroën Advanced Comfort® suspension and seats, space and modularity), along with all the customisation options customers expect, and the same high levels of equipment.

For further ease of use, the digital instrument panel has been upgraded with a specific display. Drivers have all the information they need about hybrid driving directly in front of their eyes. without the need to look away:

- Tachometer in blue to show 100% electric driving mode.

- The energy flow of the hybrid powertrain.

- Battery charge level.

- Driving mode via a power meter (Charge, Eco, Power).

- Percentage of distance travelled in electric mode, at any time, and on average.