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The stylish, fun image and generous standard features of Citroën vehicles will certainly keep company car drivers happy, while the excellent fuel economy and low environmental impact from our newly-developed engines offers numerous benefits in terms of tax efficiencies and reduced running costs.

Even for fleet buyers and business owners with prior experience of the corporate vehicle market, getting the best possible deal can be difficult in an ever-changing business environment. Our Corporate Team are dedicated to keeping one step ahead of the latest trends, enabling them to recommend the best course of action for your company in regard to vehicle selection, financing arrangements, and policies on insurance, servicing and roadside assistance.

The Corporate Finance Specialists at Snows Citroën can present you with a number of financing arrangements. These include Hire Purchase, Contract Hire Lease Purchase and Finance Leasing. For further information, contact our dealership in Basingstoke today.

Why choose Citroën for Business?

Leasys offers services and management systems that provide efficient, safe and environmental mobility. With Leasys, you can focus on what's most important for you, and we take care of everything else.

Helps avoid unnecessary 'over mileage' contract charges
Helps avoid 'missed servicing' charges
Provides administrative assistance with running your fleet
Can help reduce downtime during servicing
Availability of a specialist support team

Leasys Fleet is the effective and transparent solution that allows you to delegate management of services while maintaining ownership of the fleet.

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There are three levels of Connect Fleet to choose from:

Level 1: Fleet Management

Track hours and miles travelled
See fuel consumption figures
Manage mechanical alerts in real time
Receive servicing & maintenance alerts

Level 2: Eco-Driving

Receive a driving behaviour analysis
Customised eco-driving advise to the driver

Level 3: Geo-location

Real-time geolocation
Itinerary route tracking and analysis
✓ Receive and customise geofencing alerts

Thinking about the future? So are we!

Cars and Vans are our livelihood, but so is the environment. That's why Citroen is developing a range of eco-friendly electric and hybrid vehicles throughout the production and concept ranges.

The innovative electric and hybrid vehicles feature technologies that make it easy to get around modern towns and cities while allowing you to be kinder to the environment. Electric cars are something we've been making for years and are designed to provide the technology and performance of normal vehicles while minimising the impact on the environment.

To find out more about Citroën for business use, get in touch with our Corporate specialists today.

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