Citroën Servicing & Aftersales FAQs

Where Citroën cars are made?

Citroën’s selection of passenger vehicles and commercial models are manufactured at a range of plants that make up the PSA Group. Of these, 11 plants are located in Europe - the majority being in France - with worldwide factories also present in Argentina, Brazil, and Russia.

When was Citroën founded?

The history of Citroën began in 1919 with the founding of the company by French industrialist, Andre-Gustave Citroën. The same year saw the production of Citroën’s first vehicle, the Type A, which was to be displayed at a showroom on the Champs-Elysees in Paris - a showroom which continues to be in use today.

Are Citroën cars reliable?

Like any vehicle, Citroën models are carefully manufactured by some of the best designers and technicians in the automotive industry. As such, you can be confident that the quality of both the components and the engineering is among the finest around. That being said, all vehicles are susceptible to wear and tear as well as aging, meaning that selected components require updating and replacing.

To provide peace of mind over the quality of its new cars, Citroën provides a comprehensive three-year manufacturer warranty that covers any manufacturing defects that may arise. Speak to the team at Snows Citroën today to find out more about what the warranty does and does not cover.

Who makes Citroën diesel engines?

As part of the PSA Group - which also owns such brands as Peugeot, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall - the HDi diesel engines in the Citroën range are developed as part of a joint venture with the Ford Motor Company.

Are Citroën car parts expensive?

Purchasing replacement parts and accessories are par for the course when it comes to vehicle ownership. It’s important, therefore, to ensure that the components you’re investing in provide the reliability and value for money you deserve.

Depending on the particular components you require and the vehicle you own, the costs will vary. For the most up-to-date prices and a competitive quotation on any necessary parts, contact the aftersales team at Snows Citroën today.

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