The new CUPRA Born

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Design Built to make you feel. The new CUPRA Born is designed to evoke pure emotion, combining radiant energy with a challenger spirit.

The newly designed full LED headlights, framed by the concave upper part and the copper-framed lower intake, are the focal point of the front aesthetic. The full LED headlamp signature, enhanced by small triangles on the side of each lamp, is unique and instantly recognisable. The bonnet features three-dimensional shapes to help bend the light and bring the front end to life, and the copper CUPRA badge completes the front design. The flowing aerodynamic side sill element at the bottom of the car and the sharp lines that strike through the length of the body and around to the rear, add to the Born’s sleek and sporty side profile. Helping the CUPRA Born to stand out from anything else, are the six bespoke alloy wheel designs, ranging from 18-20 inch in size. Functional aerodynamic inserts and machine-finished copper highlights (optional alloys only) are included.

At the rear, coast-to-coast lights delivers an impressive illumination and a body coloured, integrated diffuser enriches the rear and gives it a sporty and aerodynamic character.

Six colour choices will be available: Vapor Grey, Glacial White, Geyser Silver, Rayleigh Red, Quasar Grey and the exclusive Aura Blue.

Inside, the cabin is characterised by expressive lines, characterful surfacing and dramatic cuts. CUPRA's dedication to reducing its impact on the environment goes beyond just reducing carbon emissions. The new CUPRA Born's bucket seats are manufactured from SEAQUAL Yarn, made from upcycled marine plastics. Dinamica microfibre, made from recycled clothes and single-use plastic bottles, is also available and is applied to the door panels and upholstery (optional, not available on all trims). Enquire Now

Technology Connected like never before. The CUPRA Born uses a digital eco-system which integrates the most advanced infotainment and connectivity solutions to keep the driver in touch with their vehicle at all times.

The CUPRA Born benefits from a floating 12-inch infotainment touchscreen which offers a range of data and information including 3D navigation, music, contacts, vehicle settings and driving data. The infotainment system can also be connected to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with Wireless Full Link system.

CUPRA Connect is at the heart of all of this technology. With CUPRA Connect, online services are unlocked and customers can view battery status, schedule and manage charging from the app, plan journeys and much more.

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Safety Advanced technology. Technology is at the forefront of the CUPRA Born. With a collection of safety and convenience systems, the new CUPRA Born is one of the safest cars on the road. The range of assistance systems is expansive and all encompassing:

• Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) – Positions the CUPRA Born based on route and GPS data that is delivered from the navigation system. This allows the vehicle to change its speed depending on the road layout ahead, including bends, roundabouts, junctions, speed limits and built-up areas. This system can also adjust the vehicles speed when the speed limit changes.

• Travel Assist – Uses information from ACC and Lane Assist to actively keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane and adjust the speed to the flow of the traffic.

• Side and Exit Assist – Helps to ‘fill the gap’ of the driver’s blind spots, giving a visual and audio warning if a manoeuvre has started but the vehicle detects an object that is out of sight. Exit Warning gives an acoustic warning if someone or something is approaching the vehicle when it is parked and an occupant goes to leave.

• Emergency Assist – Ensures that the driver remains focused and in control of the vehicle. If no driver input is detected, audio and visual warnings will be given. If there is no input from the driver, the system initiates braking jolts. If there are still no inputs, the vehicle will stop completely and hazard warning lights will be activated.

Find out more about the new CUPRA Born at CUPRA in Poole, Portsmouth and Southampton.