New CUPRA Vehicles

The CUPRA name is synonymous within the performance world of motoring. The heritage behind CUPRA now delivers a passion fuelled driving experience of understated power and balanced control. Here at Snows, we are proud to bring you the latest and greatest models CUPRA has to offer, starting with the brand's flagship model: CUPRA Ateca.

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Is speed the only component for CUPRA?

In short, most definitely not! CUPRA promises to deliver the complete experience. Pure performance is a bit old-fashioned. When you look beyond that, you'll find a new element to the CUPRA brand. Something more refined, not in-your-face, but more elegant and chic with a relaxed and stylish feel.

All the more reason to own a CUPRA!


If your CUPRA stays at any of our dealers for repairs lasting more than 24 hours, you get a courtesy car until it is ready. You’re also entitled to a courtesy car in the event of an accident, regardless of whether your CUPRA is getting towed.


Have the ultimate peace of mind with around-the-clock roadside assistance, providing you with immediate support in the event of a breakdown, accident, theft or any self-inflicted incidents while travelling. An exclusive phone number for CUPRA customers offers you either direct help on the phone, on the spot repairs or specialised towing services to your nearest CUPRA dealer or to a workshop of your choice. CUPRA's time promise is 45 minutes from call to attendance.