Contract Hire

Business & Personal Vehicle Leasing​

Contract Hire ​is a popular choice for both private and business customers, enabling you to drive the car you love with no worries associated with typical vehicle ownership. With a Contract Hire agreement you are hiring the vehicle rather than owning it.

What are the benefits?

✓ You won't own the vehicle
✓ ​No need to be concerned about the depreciation of the vehicle
✓ There are optional maintenance packages available
✓ No balloon payment at the end of the contract
✓ No depreciation or selling concerns
✓ Fixed payments, enabling easy budgeting
✓ No disposable obligation at the end of the agreement

If you are a business user:

✓ ​A proportion of the rentals may be claimable as an expense against taxable profits
✓ ​An element of the VAT on rentals may be recoverable by VAT registered businesses
✓ You can build in a service, maintenance and tyres plan to spread these costs making budgeting even easier

If you are a VAT registered business you can reclaim 50% VAT on rentals and up to 100% on maintenance charges. We would recommend businesses take advice from a tax adviser or accountant if considering Contract Hire to see how much the individual business can reclaim on rentals and maintenance charges.

How does a Contract Hire agreement work?

After deciding which car you would like to hire and discussing what payment period would be best for you, you will then agree with our approved experts your maximum annual mileage, and how much you would like to spend on your deposit and monthly payments. Once you have come to the end of your agreement, you can return the car to the dealership and discuss further contract options if desired (please note excess mileage charges and wear and tear may be payable to the finance company).