​At Snows Lexus in Exeter, Hedge End and Plymouth we know how important it is to keep your luxury runner in the very best condition. That’s why we offer quality aftersales including expert servicing carried out by our manufacturer trained technicians. From the sporty LC to the muscular RX, our team knows the Lexus range inside out and will help optimise the performance of your pride and joy. Book your service today.

More About Servicing

Vehicle maintenance matters and at Snows Lexus we’re here to make servicing as affordable as possible with our fixed price plans. Pay a set fee up front or split the cost over a period of time to make budgeting a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a service?


A service is designed to keep your car safe, reliable and in good working order. The components and systems of your vehicle are inspected in detail to ensure your car can perform as it should. Repairs and maintenance work are carried out accordingly.

What is covered in a service?


A service is more thorough than an MOT as it covers essential safety checks while ensuring all parts are working in harmony. From the lights and tyres to engine tuning and fluid levels, a service will bring your car back to peak condition.

Can my car fail a service?


Regular servicing will give you peace of mind that you’re safe out on the road. Your car won’t fail a service but if issues are flagged, they need to be dealt with quickly.

What is an MOT?


An MOT is implemented by law to ensure all vehicles on the road meet specific safety and environmental standards. All cars aged three years and over must undergo a series of checks to ensure they meet the criteria. Your car might fail an MOT if it’s not serviced regularly.