Our Approvals

Snows Accident Repair Centre is an approved, accedited centre who have the authorisation to fix and repair vehicles without voiding the vehicles' warranty. Not only do you retain your warranty, but we aim to always only use official genuine manufacturer parts when repairing your vehicle. Also, to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of to the highest standard, only trained technicians will be carrying out the repairs.

Please note that we are the only approved Toyota Supra Authorised Repairer in the UK.

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We take pride in being an approved repair centre for all the above manufacturers and we look forward to possibly expanding our support further in the future. If you're looking to get booked in with us, whether you have a manufacturer vehicle listed above or not, we’ll be happy to look in to your enquiry.

Feel free to contact us or submit an enquiry form:

Volkswagen Group Branded Repair Guarantee Certificate

Once our Accident Repair team have completed your repairs, you'll be sent a Volkswagen Group Branded Repair Guarantee Certificate, this means you'll be able to drive away with the knowledge that your vehicle has been repaired to the highest standards expected from Volkswagen. Your factory warranty is also fully protected.

Customer Satisfaction

To ensure that we are exceeding expectations and remaining a successful business, we require customer loyalty which is why customer satisfaction is important to us. We actively promote our customers to engage in the Volkswagen Group surveys so that we can further improve on all levels of our customer care.