Go Electric with Vauxhall

Electric Vehicles Are Becoming More Popular Among Drivers

Lets Explore a Few Of The Many Benefits Of Driving Electric:

No fuel costs

Did you know? The average petrol prices are £1.56 per litre, where as charging your electric vehicle from home is on average £0.07 per kWh. Ultimately, making it far cheaper to "fill" your car!

Zero Emissions

The big and know factor of electric driving is they are better for the environment. All EV's produce zero Co2 emissions! So by going electric with Vauxhall, will not only have you saving money, but with no emissions being produced you will be contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

Instant Torque

The enhanced horsepower of Vauxhall electric cars delivers instant power, making the experience of driving in them enjoyable.

Quiet Drive

EV's have an electric motor instead of a internal combustion engine, resulting in a quiet driving experience, allowing you to fully immerse in your surroundings and enjoy the journey.

Automatic Transmission

All electric vehicles take the advantage over petrol cars! Exclusively EV only offer automatic drive, eliminating any need for manual transmissions and those gears.


EV's have fewer moving parts than a diesel or petrol vehicle, reducing maintenance requirements. This also ultimately lowers your cost and time spent on maintenance, no longer needing to check and top up your oil before a journey.

Vauxhall Astra Charging

At Snows Vauxhall we have some fantastic offers available on our electric models, discover these below:

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