Jeep Compass 2022 4xe interior
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With the new Jeep Compass, the 10.1” Ultra HD display of the Uconnect ™ infotainment system emerges from the dashboard for ease of use and visibility. Up to five times faster and easier to navigate, the new Uconnect Infotainment system can be fully customised with your favourite apps by creating up to 6 unique user profiles.

Keep in contact with your car, wherever you are, with Uconnect™ Services and the My Uconnect™ App. And with My Wi-Fi package you can talk to your Jeep with Alexa Voice Service* to order food, go shopping and manage your home**, safely and easily, while you’re out and about***.

The New Compass is the first Jeep® equipped with a voice assistant integrated into the new Uconnect™ infotainment system. Just say "Hey Jeep®" and start talking to your car to adjust the air conditioning, manage your music, set destinations and more.

* Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Available only on Radio Uconnect 10.1" Navi. 10.1" Uconnect Radio Ships standard on S and Trailhawk trim levels, optional on Limited. Not available on Longitude. ** For those who also have the AlexaVoice service. *** My Wi-Fi is a subscription service

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Jeep Compass 2022
Jeep Compass 2022
Jeep Compass 2022
Electric Power

Jeep® reinvents all-wheel drive, combining 4x4 traction with electric propulsion. Performance is increased again while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Choose the driving mode that suits you. Hybrid uses both engines, Electric uses only the electric motor, E-Save keeps the battery charged by increasing the effectiveness of autonomous charging systems. Jeep® Compass enters the world of electrification with new 4xe technology, unmatched Jeep® four-wheel capability and exceptional electric propulsion. An evolving concept in mobility, featuring an ecosystem of services and solutions.

With the integrated Uconnect™Services you can interact with your Jeep remotely, easily and intuitively, thanks to the My Uconnect™ app, downloadable from the App store and Google Play. Also, exclusive to the 4xe world, the new My eCharge feature allows you to monitor and manage charging directly from your device. With the My Uconnect™ app or the EV card, the electronic card given to those who buy a new Jeep® 4xe, you can charge your 4xe Plug-In Hybrid from any of the 120,000 charging points in Europe, without any change in pricing. And with Uconnect™ Services built into the on-board system, it's easy to find the closest charging points.

The 11,4 kWh batteries in 4xe Plug-in Hybrid vehicles have the best warranty in their category: 8 years or 160.000 km. You can also request to extend your vehicle's warranty for up to 5 years with Mopar® Vehicle Protection.

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Safety improved.

The Jeep Compass has been improved in safety with a wide range of updates to ensure any drive in your Jeep Compass is safer than ever. Here are a few of the updated features;

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) regulates vehicle speed while automatically maintaining a safe distance from the vehicles in front.

Lane Keep Assist maintains the car's position within the lane. If the car moves outside the lane, it automatically corrects the position of the vehicle.

Drowsy Driver Detection. This innovative technology can prevent potential impacts by monitoring the driver's attention level. A sensor detects the tiredness of the driver by comparing the present state with that of the last 7 minutes. If your attention falls below the minimum level, a warning light comes on in the instrument panel, accompanied by an audible signal, prompting the driver to take a break.

Jeep Compass 2022 safety