Jeep Service Activated Roadside Assistance

Maintain your vehicle, keep protected and get peace of mind. It's a win, win situation


At Snows Jeep, we dedicate a range of aftersales services and maintenance offers, as part of Mopar, to our local motorists - ensuring that they stay feeling good and driving happy.

Service Activated Roadside Assistance is a 1 year assistance product that we provide, allowing our customers to have valuable peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Applicable to all Jeep passenger vehicles up to 15 years of age. What's more, it's also provided FREE of charge!

This coverage offers drivers an extensive range of helpful benefits.

​In the unlikely event of a breakdown you can count on our wide range of mobility services for any problems that you may face during your journey. Our coverage offers you the below options:​​​


​If your vehicle is not in a fit condition to complete the journey, where possible, an operator will then be sent out to where your vehicle is located in order to repair it on the spot.​


If the vehicle is immobilised more than 30 miles from the customer’s place of residence and cannot be repaired within the day of the incident, the Assistance Service will then make sure to organise the return of the customer and their passengers safely to their homes, or the continuation of their journey​.


​In the event that the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, the Assistance Service will then aim to recover the vehicle at the nearest FCA authorised dealer by towing it to the garage for repair. 


Our Assistance Service can organise a stay in a local hotel if your vehicle is immobilised more than 30 miles from your place of residence due to breakdown, or other assisted problems. As standard, the 3* Hotel B&B will be for a maximum of 3 nights, for the customer and all passengers travelling in the immobilised vehicle.


If the time needed for repair, specified in the flat rate schedule defined by the manufacturer, is longer than 4 hours, then a courtesy vehicle will be supplied by the recovery agent in order for the customer and their passengers to carry on their journeys away from the incident.​

Contact us today to find our more about our aftersales offers, or register your interest in the Activated Roadside Assistance.


*​Participating dealers only. Renewable up to 15 years from the initial car registration date.