Technology Connected technology to stay ahead. When driving the Sportage you’ll always be able to stay informed, simply, and seamlessly with the help of a suite of advance features which connect you to real-time information. Discover new ways to interact with your Sportage through the Kia Connect app – here you can customise your vehicle’s settings, send a destination to the navigation system, control charging settings*, check your car status, and much more.

Take advantage of an advanced driver experience as you have more sophisticated control than ever, thanks to new innovations such as the Multi-Mode Touch Display, which allows you to command different functions at your fingertips. You’ll experience the very best in-car entertainment with Harman Kardon Premium Sound system, this including 8 high-powered speakers which are carefully distributed throughout the cabin, as well as an external amplifier and Active Sound Design (ASD).

*Remote and scheduled charging is available only on Plug-in Hybrid.

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Safety Stay Safe. The safety of you and your loved ones are paramount.

With the Kia Sportage you can react faster with the Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Junction Turning – this system analyses information about other cars, pedestrians, or cyclists, and activates a warning signal and braking to avoid a potential collision with them. The Sportage will also help you stay safe on the motorway through the Highway Driving Assist, which automatically adjusts your speed based on the speed limit detached or set by you, while also keeping you in your lane and a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Plus, the Remove Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) allows you to stand outside of your Sportage while using your key to move the vehicle in and out of a tight parking spot, all with the assurance that your vehicle will automatically brake when detecting an obstacle.

The Kia Sportage