Technology The new Rio is now equipped with the latest technology to make your driving experience that much more enjoyable. On higher-specification models the Rear-Camera becomes available, giving you a clear view of the road behind you as you back out of your driveway or reverse into a spot. When it comes to the new Kia Rio you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to connectivity. A state-of-the-art infotainment system offers Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ and Bluetooth, plus a Voice Recognition and Music Streaming system in higher-spec models. Plus, on cold mornings enjoy the welcoming heated seats and easier-to-grip heated steering wheel that are also available.
Safety Kia has made a dramatic safety focus on the new Rio after being awarded a 5-star Euro NCAP crash test rating. Plus, punchy performance means safety is imperative so Kia have largely moulded the body from high-strength steel to further improve driver and passenger protection. One of two new safety features added to the Rio is the Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS) which combines radar and camera data and activates the brakes when the vehicle detects any risk of a collision. If the distance between the car and a pedestrian or vehicle in front is too small the system will apply the brakes automatically. This features is standard on '2' models and above, and is optional on the '1'. The second new safety feature is the Lane Departure Warning System (LDSW). This is where lane markings are monitored by a small camera mounted in the windshield and alerts you when the vehicle exits the lane if the indicators haven't been activated.