Available at Snows Kia in Basingstoke and Guildford

Is your car pulling on the road? Are your tyres wearing unevenly? Is your steering wheel crooked or vibrating? If the answer is yes, then your wheel alignment may need checking.

Take advantage of a four wheel alignment service at our Snows Kia Basingstoke and Guildford Centres. Our specially trained Kia technicians will make sure that your tyres and vehicle steering is true and within manufacturer specifications.

Benefits of a wheel alignment include:
• Improve your vehicles' safety
• Increase the life of your tyres
• Improved handling
• Smoother drive

Book yours today for just £69.95!

To book your wheel alignment today get in touch with your nearest Snows Kia dealership below:

Terms & Conditions

Participating dealers only. Prices may be subject to change.

Only available at Snow Kia Basingstoke and Snows Kia Guildford.