More connectivity than ever

The MyMazda app keeps you connected to your vehicle, even when you're not sitting in it!

The MyMazda app provides you with a carefree and enhanced ownership experience. Use the app to access information about your vehicle such as its service history and manuals, find your local Mazda dealership or get updates about recalls. You can contact roadside assistance using the app and also access many features such as remote controls.

There are so many perks to using the app - you can receive alerts when maintenance is required, access current warranties or even download a digital owners manual.

The MyMazda app requires iOS 12.0 or Android 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad and iPod touch.

Connected Services

Mazda Connected vehicles are designed for your convenience and ease of use. You can use the app to control various car functions remotely, although this will depend on your specific vehicle. On EV models, you can start and stop battery charging and climate control functions. You can turn on the heating prior to getting in the vehicle so you can arrive where you left, in comfort.

To verify the level of Connected Services in your Mazda, contact the team below:

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