Benefits of electric and hybrid driving Find out more about the benefits of driving electric An electric or hybrid vehicle – the former, in particular – offers a more affordable and greener alternative to purely petrol/diesel-driven motoring. At Snows Mazda in Chichester and Portsmouth, we’re electric and hybrid experts and we’re here to help you understand how they work.
CHARGING AND BATTERIES Find out how to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle Electric vehicle (EV) – a battery powers an electric motor. It’s the most efficient option of all and delivers 100-per cent carbon neutrality. The battery needs to be charged regularly as it’s the car’s sole source of power.

Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) – a combination of battery, electric motor and petrol/diesel combustion engine propels the vehicle. PHEVs are more efficient and produce fewer emissions than their petrol/diesel-driven equivalents. The battery needs to be charged regularly, even though the vehicle will be able to run without electric power (provided there is sufficient fuel).

Full hybrid vehicle – with a small electric motor, full or self-charging hybrids are only capable of travelling a couple of miles on electric power alone. The motor is largely there to assist the combustion engine and the battery recharges itself, so there’s no need to plug in.

Mild-hybrid vehicle (MHEV) – similar to a full hybrid, a mild hybrid vehicle has an electric motor that assists the combustion engine. It can’t travel on electric-only power, and the battery doesn’t need to be charged manually because it recharges itself.


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At Snows, we have a wide range of terrific Mazda electric and hybrid cars, including the MX-30 (electric), Mazda2 Hybrid (full hybrid), CX-30 (MHEV) and CX-60 (PHEV). Each offers the kind of motoring excellence you expect from a Mazda, while delivering enhanced efficiency and carbon neutrality.


If you have any questions about Mazda electric or hybrid, please refer to our FAQs below.

How do I prevent my Mazda EV from running low on battery power?


Whenever possible, fully charge your car’s battery ahead of each journey, particularly if you’re embarking on longer-than-usual trips. And plan your journey, factoring in public charging station stops – there are thousands of connectors located all around the UK.

What is the range of the Mazda MX-30 EV?


The MX-30 offers a 124-mile range. However, factors such as extreme heat or cold and/or frequent acceleration/high-speed motoring will likely reduce this figure.

Do I need to charge a Mazda PHEV?


Yes. To get the most out of your PHEV, you will need to charge the battery. However, provided there is enough fuel, the vehicle will run in the same way that a typical combustion-engine-powered automobile does.

Do I need to charge a Mazda MHEV?


No, there’s no need. An MHEV’s battery is self-charging, which occurs when driving.