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My Vol​vo

My Volvo is a website tailored just for you. As long as your Volvo is a model purchased new in the UK from 2004 onwards, you can enjoy a number of services and benefits.

My Volvo delivers the latest news on Volvo products and accessories that is relevant to you. You will receive personalised offers too, because this information is filtered using your VIN number and car’s model year.

The service also provides you with all the technical data you could wish for regarding your particular model, including a full owner’s manual. Additionally, My Volvo features exclusive articles and videos, and offers plenty of useful tips that will help you get the most out of your car and ensure its longevity.

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With the Volvo ID you get access to a personalised website, tailor-made for you and your car*

Using the person icon at the top right of all screens on our website you can create or sign in with a Volvo ID. This allows you to access and manage your My Volvo account and your profile information.

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Volvo ID is one simple ID that allows you to access a wide range of Volvo online services, such as My Volvo web, future-send-to-car functions and for Volvo On call customers, the Volvo On Call app.


Learn to love your Volvo with everything from care tips and set up specs to quick video guides of features and the full Owners' Manual


My Volvo uses your car's model year and VIN number. So you always get the offers and services that perfectly match you and your Volvo.

*(Please note My Volvo is for car models from 2004 onwards)