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Volvo Polestar Engineered Optimisation Upgrade


With Polestar Optimisation software upgrade you will get more out of your Volvo car. Enhanced response, more precise, sharper, and intense reactions from the car. A more personal car that suits you and your way of driving. An improved experience developed by Polestar together with Volvo Cars – and installed by Volvo Authorised Repairers. That means your warranty and service intervals are unaffected, as are fuel consumption and emission levels.

Now available for only £555 up to 30th June 2024.

Enter the world of Polestar, where performance optimisation is at the heart of the design. With engine upgrades and model enhancements, your Volvo experience can be transformed to the next level.

Driven by the desire for refinement. Polestar is Volvo Cars' performance companion, born and raised on the world's racing circuits. For more than two decades, this collaborative name has worked to develop and improve the speed, performance and efficiency of Volvo motors and Drive-E engines. As well as having performance, Polestar also dedicates a large amount of its engineering knowledge to provide safe and predictable driving capabilities.

Making the great, extraordinary. Original Volvo models, such as the S60 and V60, are available as Polestar Engineered performance cars with refined components and maximised abilities that you soon won't want to live without.

Knowledge is power...

With more than 20 years on the track, Polestar is at the leading edge of performance. Our team uses everything they learnt on the racing circuit to engineer products that enhance your driving experience.


Faster Throttle Response

The engine and gearbox have been calibrated to provide faster responses when the driver suddenly lifts off the throttle, providing improved predictability and control.

Improved Gearshift Speed

The gear shift speed has been increased to allow the car to accelerate faster and react more directly to driver input.

Automatic gearbox only.

Better Precision & Hold

The gears have been calibrated to exploit the engine's improved performance. The gearbox also avoids changes when cornering at high g-forces (where possible) for better stability.

Enhanced Responses

The throttle response has been enhanced to provide improved feedback and accelerator reaction – ideal for overtaking or cornering during active driving on a twisty road.

Exclusively at Snows Volvo.

Become part of Polestar and take the next steps to enhancing your Volvo today. Submit an online enquiry or contact your preferred Snows Volvo retailer in Southampton and Winchester for more information.

Volvo Polestar Optimised
Volvo Polestar Optimised
Volvo Polestar Optimised
Volvo Polestar Optimised
Volvo Polestar Optimised

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