Snows Alfa Romeo Summer Health Check

Start your summer adventure with the peace of mind that your Alfa Romeo is in the best possible condition, with our FREE 15-Point health check.

The temperature is up and the sun is out! But how well is your Alfa handling the heat?

At Snows Alfa Romeo, we strive to protect and support our customers throughout their whole car purchase journey, by providing regular services and maintenance plans available at affordable prices. Our Alfa Romeo Summer Health Check is a fully comprehensive 14 point vehicle service available when our Alfa Romeo drivers have an Air conditioning cleanse of full service this season. At our dealership, we have a a dedicated team of qualified and fully trained technicians, who always strive to carry out the job thoroughly and to the best possible standard. Find out further details about what our Alfa Romeo Summer Check includes, below:


Our comprehensive 15-point vehicle health check includes*:

  • ✅ Wiper Blade Condition
  • ✅ Brakes
  • ✅Tyres
  • ✅ Suspension (Pothole Damage)
  • ✅ Radiator and Hoses
  • ✅ Outstanding recalls & Campaigns
  • ✅ Latest engine software updates


​From £29.99 INC VAT​

  • Check the operation of the heater controls
  • Check the internal blower speeds
  • Check the condition of the pollen filter and replace if required
  • Check the evaporator drain
  • Check the condition of the drive belt
  • Purging the system of unpleasant odours and bacterial growth using an airbone treatment


From £89.99 INC VAT

This service includes all of the items in the Air Con Cleanse plus^:

  • Check air conditioning system for leaks
  • Drain and renew refrigerant gas
  • Check temperature of refrigerant gas
  • Check cooling fan operation

Wanting to have your Alfa prepared this season? Why not get your vehicle booked in for it's Snows Summer service, or contact us directly for further information by selecting below:

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