The New Alfa Romeo Giulia

TECHNOLOGY With just one touch, you can gain access to all your favourite apps that are on your iPhone, in a safe and easy way thanks to Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay. The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s infotainment system has been entirely restyled and now features an 8.8” Touchscreen display.

Discover a range of connectivity services that are available on your My Alfa Connect mobile app. Connectivity services include the below and much more:

My Remote: From your smartphone or smartwatch, My Remote allows you to turn on lights, lock the doors and much, much more all from a distance.

My Wi-Fi: My Wi-Fi allows you and your passengers to use wireless internet connection whilst you are on the go.

My Navigation: This connectivity system gives you ‘real-time’ traffic, road conditions and weather updates. It also allows you to search on your smartphone, different destinations and places and then send them to your on board navigator.

SAFETY The new Alfa Romeo Giulia comes packed with advanced automated driving systems. Safety systems include the below, plus much more:

Traffic Jam and Highway Assist: This system helps you to stay in your lane, keep a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you and to stay calm and concentrated at all times whilst you are behind the wheel.

Intelligent Speed Control: This driving system allows you to drive the Giulia at the set cruising speed without having to put a foot on the acceleration pedal.

Driver Attention Assist: This assisted driving system monitors the driving style of the person that is behind the wheel and the length of a journey. The system senses fatigue and will alert the driver to take a break through alert signals and a cup symbol that appears on the TFT display.